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Individual Appointment $65 - $130

A private appointment that can be shared by up to two people.

Half hour minimum ($65)  at my location.

One hour minimum ($130/hr) plus travel/parking for me to come to your location

Party Henna $130/hr 

Two hour minimum for parties: Bar Mitzvah, Birthday, Baby Shower, Bachelorette, etc.

There is a travel charge for clients outside of the north side of the city

Bridal Henna Starting at $300 

Bridal Henna packages start at $300 for simple palms, backs of hands (To the wrist)

and feet, and can go up to $800 for wrap around henna to elbows and half way up shins for feet. It all depends on the amount of henna and the style you are looking for.

Henna Belly $200 

Pregnancy henna is a wonderful way to celebrate your baby! Appointments usually take

60-90 minutes to apply.

Henna Crown $200

For those who have lost their hair, whether you are fighting cancer, have alopecia, or just a shaved head, we can adorn your crown with henna.

Corporate Event $130/hr

Have a henna artist at your next Corporate Event or Fundraiser!

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